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    California (Northern): January (early) - April (late), October (early) - December (late)
    Florida: January (early) - December (late)

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Lime may refer to:

Trees and fruits

Lime (fruit), various green to yellow fruits Citrus fruits Australian lime Blood lime Kaffir lime Key lime Persian lime Citrus limetta Spanish lime or Mamoncillo Wild lime (Zanthoxylum fagara) Lime tree or linden, any of the trees in the genus Tilia

Chemicals, minerals, and materials

Agricultural lime, pulverized rock containing primarily calcium carbonate Calcium oxide, also known as burnt lime, quicklime or unslaked lime Calcium hydroxide, also known as slaked lime, slack lime or pickling lime Hydraulic lime Lime (material), a group of calcium compounds and minerals in which they predominate Lime mortar Lime plaster Lime water, common name for saturated calcium hydroxide solution


Lime Lake (disambiguation) Lime Township, Blue Earth County, Minnesota Limé, a French commune in the Aisne departments

Business and entertainment

Lime (magazine) Lime Pictures Lime (TV), a lifestyle based content distribution Lime (band), a 1980s disco band Lime (Arvingarna album), by Swedish ``dansband`` Arvingarna A character from the anime series Saber Marionette J LIME (Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment), formerly Cable & Wireless (Caribbean)


Lime (color), various colors of green Limes, a border defense system of Ancient Rome LIME, a mobile middleware LIME, the airport code for Orio al Serio Airport, in Bergamo, Italy LimeWire, free peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) client for the Java platform

Lime slang used on the island of Trinidad and Tobago to refer to hanging out or chilling

See also

Limey (disambiguation page) Liming (disambiguation) Lyme disease The Lives of Harry Lime Lima (disambiguation)

Lime slang used on the island of Trinidad and Tobago to refer to hanging out or chilling

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