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When In Season:

    Arizona: August (late) - October (early)
    Arkansas: July (early) - September (late)
    California (Northern): May (early) - December (late)
    California (Southern): June (early) - December (late)
    Connecticut: July (early) - October (late)
    Delaware: July (early) - October (early)
    Florida: January (early) - July (late), October (early) - December (late)
    Indiana: July (early) - November (early)
    Iowa: August (early) - September (late)
    Kansas: August (early) - October (early)
    Kentucky: July (early) - September (late)
    Maine: July (late) - September (late)
    Maryland: July (late) - September (early)
    Massachusetts: June (early) - September (late)
    Michigan: July (early) - September (late)
    Minnesota: July (early) - December (late)
    New Hampshire: July (late) - September (late)
    New Jersey: July (early) - November (early)
    New York: August (early) - October (late)
    North Carolina: June (late) - August (early)
    Ohio: July (early) - November (early)
    Oklahoma: July (early) - November (late)
    Oregon: August (early) - October (late)
    Pennsylvania: July (early) - October (late)
    Rhode Island: July (late) - October (late)
    South Carolina: June (early) - November (late)
    Tennessee: July (early) - October (late)
    Texas: May (early) - December (late)
    Vermont: July (late) - September (late)
    Virginia: July (late) - November (late)
    Washington: June (early) - October (late)
    Wisconsin: July (late) - September (early)

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Pepper may refer to:


Plants and plant products

The genus Piper (genus) of the pepper family (Piperaceae), including for example:

Black pepper, white and green pepper, Piper nigrum Cubeb, Piper cubeba, also known as Java pepper Long pepper, Piper longum

The genus Capsicum of the nightshade family (Solanaceae), including for example:

Chili pepper, a number of species Bell pepper, a Capsicum annuum cultivar Datil pepper, a Capsicum chinense cultivar cayenne pepper, a Capsicum annuum cultivar

The genus Pimenta (genus) of the myrtle family (Myrtaceae), including for example:

Allspice (P. dioicia) Pimenta racemosa (P. racemosa), West Indian bay tree Pimenta haitiensis Pimenta jamaicensis Pimenta obscura

Other plants known as peppers:

Macropiper excelsum, kawakawa Pseudowintera, horopito Zanthoxylum genus Sichuan pepper, produced from the fruit of several Zanthoxylum species Schinus genus, peppercorn trees Pseudowintera colorata. New Zealand Pepperwood Zanthoxylum clava-herculis, American Pepperwood Tasmanian pepper, Mountain pepper or ``pepperbush``, Tasmannia species


Pepper (name)

Fictional characters

Pepper, an orphan girl in the musical Annie Pepper, a bartender in the musical Mamma Mia! (and the movie Mamma Mia! The Movie) Pepper, a Dutch Warmblood horse with light blue higlights from the Horseland TV series Pepper Potts, the secretary of Iron Man in the Marvel comics universe Sgt. Leann ``Pepper`` Anderson, the central character in the 1970s Police Woman TV series, played by Angie Dickinson Pepper Roni, appears in 2 video games, LEGO Island and Lego Island 2


Pepper (band), a rock-reggae band originally from Hawaii ``Pepper (song)``, a 1996 song by the alternative rock band Butthole Surfers


Dr Pepper, a carbonated soft drink Newark Pepper, a defunct Major League Baseball team from the Federal League