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Bob Roll (born 1960), American professional cyclist and commentator Charles Rolls (1877–1910), co-founder of Rolls-Royce Limited and a pioneer aviator Eric Roll (1907–2005), academic economist, public servant and banker Ferdinand Nicolai Roll (1831–1921), Norwegian jurist and politician Gary Lee Roll (1951–2000), executed by lethal injection in the U.S. state of Missouri Michael Roll (actor) (born 1961), German television actor Richard Roll (born 1939), American economist William G. Roll (born 1926), American psychologist and parapsychologist Michael Roll (pianist) (born 1946), British pianist


Roll, Indiana Roll, Oklahoma

In entertainment

Drum roll, a technique employed by percussionists to produce a sustained sound from a drum Gravity roll Single-stroke roll Music roll, a form of recording on a paper or other roll Piano roll, a music roll used in a player piano Legato, a playing technique for stringed instruments (especially electric guitars) Roll (Mega Man), a female character in the Mega Man series of video games Rickroll, an Internet meme Roll (album), a 2003 music album by Anne McCue A technique employed by players of the Scruggs style banjo

In transportation

Bank or roll, in flight dynamics, a rotation of a vehicle about its longitudinal axis For a ship, stable deviation from horizontal is called list: ``Roll`` refers to dynamic movement. Roll program, a roll/bank performed during a rocket launch Kayak roll, maneuver used to right a kayak that has capsized Roll, a smooth wheel fitted to a steamroller or road roller

Other uses

Roll (food) Electoral roll, a list of eligible voters Credits roll, scrolling text listing the people involved in making a film Roll call, calling of the names of people from a list, to determine their presence or absence Pipe Rolls, a series of financial records from England, covering the period from 1130 to 1833 Toilet roll or toilet paper, soft paper product used for personal hygiene Bank roll, a paper holder for coins Rollable electronics Roll cloud, a type of cloud often found downwind of mountains Horizontal convective rolls, in meteorology, rolls of counter-rotating air oriented parallel to the ground in the planetary boundary layer Trill consonant, in phonetics, a sound produced as part of speech Roster, a list of people Rotulus, a roll designed for writing on, in which a strip of papyrus or parchment is wound about a wooden staff A pill of MDMA or to experience the effects of the drug.

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