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A wing is an appendage used for flight by an animal or an apparatus used to create lift in aeronautics.

Wing or wings may also refer to:


Insect wing Bat wing Bird wing

Military terms

Wing (air force unit) ``Wings``, a colloquial term for the Aircrew Badge (US) or Aircrew brevet (UK) worn by military fliers (pilots) and for technical badges, such as the Parachutist Badge worn by paratroopers


Wing, Buckinghamshire, a village in England Wing, Rutland, a village in England Port Wing (town), Wisconsin, a town (civil township) in the United States Wing, North Dakota, a city in the United States Wing River Township, Minnesota, a township in the United States


Wing (Transformers), a fictional character. Craig Wing, a rugby league player for the Sydney Roosters Grace Barnett Wing, birthname of Grace Slick, American lead singer of Jefferson Airplane and related acts Joseph Wing and William Ricketson Wing, owners of J. & W. R. Wing Company, a whaling company Lorna Wing, a researcher of Asperger's Syndrome Toby Wing, an American actress Wing (singer), a New Zealand singer originally from Hong Kong Wings Hauser, an American actor



Wings (Aprilynne Pike), a young-adult faerie novel by Aprilynne Pike Wing (DC Comics), a DC Comics character Wing (Marvel Comics), a minor Astonishing X-Men character Wings, by Mikhail Kuzmin Wings (manga magazine) Wings (play), a 1978 Arthur Kopit play Wings, the third in The Bromeliad trilogy of children's books by Terry Pratchett Wing, an island in Julie Bertgna's book Exodus (2002 novel)


``Wing`` (South Park), an episode of South Park featuring the singer Wing Wings (TV series), which ran on NBC from 1990 to 1997 Wings (BBC TV series), a BBC drama which ran from 1976 to 1977 Wings (Discovery Channel TV series), documentary show about aircraft


Wings (band), Paul McCartney's 1970s band Wings (1968 band), an American folk rock band Wings (Mark Chesnutt album), a 1995 album Wings (Bonnie Tyler album), a 2005 album by singer Bonnie Tyler Wing Records, a record label Wings, The opening song in the video game Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.


Wings (film), a 1927 film about World War I fighter pilots Wings (1966 film), by Soviet filmmaker Larisa Shepitko


Detroit Red Wings, an NHL ice hockey team Philadelphia Wings, an NLL lacrosse team Kalamazoo Wings, an ice hockey team based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA Winger (sport), a position in several sports


Wings (1996 video game), a computer game with space ships Wings (series), several World War I computer flying games by Cinemaware


WinG, a Windows interface in computing Wings 3D, an open source computer graphics modeling program WINGs, a Widget toolkit used by Window Maker WINGs Display Manager, an X display manager


airfoil or aerofoil (British English), shape of a wing or blade (of a propeller, rotor or turbine) or sail as seen in cross-section. T-Mobile Wing, a Pocket PC telephone Wings, or Backplate and wing, a type of buoyancy compensation device worn by scuba divers Wings (haircut), a haircut style Wings Alliance, a proposed airline alliance Fender (automobile) or wing, the automobile panel which surrounds the wheel WING, an AM radio station in Dayton, Ohio, USA The wings, an area of a theatre stage, hidden from the audience WINGS, an international camp organized by Girlguiding Royal Berkshire and Berkshire Scouts This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.